The Sword with The Ruby Hilt


Two dead bodies are found in the sanctum of the most sacred temple in the Empire, with no marks of violence on them. Emperor Rudradeva, raised as a son by her father, orders an investigation.

Set in 12th Century India, the historical fantasy thriller tells the story of a brave warrior’s fight against malevolent forces of evil and terror.





The Sword with the Ruby Hilt by Mrudula Govindaraju is an impressive debut. Fast paced, exciting, detailed, a vivid pen picture where the entire scenario comes alive, the writer misses nothing and much as one can see Ekashila come alive in the routine wherewithal the fights are no less well portrayed. One can see it all happen, leaving one asking for more. Unputdownable in one word.

Dhanalakshmi Ayyer • Goodreads

“A beautiful blend of historical fiction and popular culture and belief systems. The rivalry between the Virashaivas, the Shakts and the Jains has been engaged in a very intelligent yet sensitive way to build up the narrative. Mrudula is a gifted storyteller who knows how to heighten the thrill with the most balanced action, description, dialogue combination. A true successor to the history-fantasy tradition of Babu Khatri’s Chandrakanta and Kalki’s Ponniyan Selvan.”

Preeti • Goodreads

“This book has all the hallmarks of quality historical fiction – world-building, strong characters and pacing. Characters and events that question gender norms ring true even today, and also make the book an inspiring and thought-shaping read for young adults. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the sequel(s), and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.”

Rajeev Baddepudi • Amazon

“I believe this book and its proposed sequel will stand out for the nuanced approach that the author has taken to build the plot. Initially, we are exposed to the grandeur of the Kakatiyas using a rich tapestry of descriptions covering their life and times. Then, the plot builds up slowly – the twist in the tale being multiple sub-plots that seem to have a degree of concurrence, some element of complementarity and some concerted action. On the whole, very enjoyable and looking forward to the sequel.”

Kannan Santhanam • Amazon